Buying Cryptocurrency with Binance SG

This post will guide you on using Xfers to send SGD to Binance SG

Do note that Xfers limts transactions to 20,000 SGD a day and 30,000 SGD a year Link

1. Preparation

  • Your mobile phone
  • ID documents if you do not already have an Xfers or Binance SG account

2. Creating your Xfers account

Head over to and sign up for an Xfers account if you do not already have one. Else login to your Xfers account.

You may skip this step if you already have an Xfers account.

Important: The phone number used for Xfers will be used to link all Xfers services for deposits.

Note: You would have to go through identity verification before you will be able to use the platform.
Do follow the steps and provide the required documents

Mouse over your name on the top right and click manage account, or simply use this link

Click Add New and enter your bank account details. Your bank account will be verified once a deposit is made with it.

3. Depositing funds into Xfers

Head to the main page by clicking Dashboard or the Xfers icon and under Digital Goods Wallet click Deposit

Select Digital Goods Wallet and select your desired bank account.

Enter the desired deposit amount. You may want to start with a small amount to test the whole flow. Click Next once you’re done.

Check the details in the popup and click Proceed

You will be taken to a page similar to the above picture with deposit instructions. Follow the instructions and make a bank transfer to the recepient bank.

Note that the information on your page will differ from mine.

4. Purchasing Cryptocurrency With Binance SG

Sign up for a Binance SG account if you don’t already have one and follow instructions to complete identity verification

Head to the trade page Link

Fill in the purchase form and press submit.

Above is an example of buying 20 SGD of Litecoin.

Press Buy to complete your purcahse

5. Conclusion

Congratulations you have purchased cryptocurrency on Binance SG.

Click Here for a guide on how to transfer your coins from Binance SG to or other exchanges.

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