Buying Crypto with SGD from DBS Singapore via Coinbase

This post will guide you on using DBS to initiate a FAST transfer to Coinbase Singapore

1. Preparation

  • DBS linked mobile phone or OTP token
  • ID documents if you do not already have a Coinbase account

2. Setting up your Coinbase account

Head over to

Click Sign Up if you don’t already have an account, else login with your credentials.

Note: You would have to go through identity verification to use the platform.

Do follow the steps and provide the requested documents

Next, click My Assets and Singapore Dollar followed by Add Cash

leave this window with the popup open.

3. Initiating the FAST transfer from DBS

This step can be done on either the DBS App or website.

Fill in the DBS FAST transfer form. with the details from the coinbase popup.

4. Conclusion and FAQ

You’re all done, this was probably the easiest & shortest post i’ve ever written. You may sit back and have a cup of coffee and wait for the transfer to reflect

Frequently Asked Questions:
How long does the transfer take?
The FAST transfer usually takes around 10 to 20 mins to reflect on your Coinbase account. An email will also be sent to notify you of the funds received.

Is it possible to contact
Yes, you can contact Conibase by clicking on your profile picture on the top right followed by get support. Coinbase has one of the best support agents in the industry who operate 24/7

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