Binance Sg


  • Straightforward and easy to understand
  • Accepts FAST transfers (via Xfers)
  • Quick way to get into the game


  • Wide spread
  • Relatively high fees
  • Limited currencies
  • No orderbook
  • Heavily dependent on Xfers
  • Relatively low transaction limits
    • Monthly limit of 30,000 SGD a year
    • Daily transaction limit of 10,000 per day from any Xfers Wallets

Short review

Binance is well known in the crypto space and is considered the industry leader in cryptocurrency exchanges. is possibly the most straightforward way of obtaining cryptocurrency in Singapore. New users can buy their first cryptocurrency immediately after linking their Xfers accountto the platform.

Don’t worry if you do not have an Xfers account as the site automatically redirects you to signup with Xfers and complete identity verification with them. Identity verification typically takes 15 minutes to an hour, but there may be instances where verification takes longer due to exceptions or high volume. offers a straightforward and easy to understand UI and lack of features keeps things simple. The downside to this simplicity are the limited number of coins offered on this platform which may not appeal to users who are after a specific coin.

I would recommend to people who want to get their feet wet in cryptocurrency.

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